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Monday, March 26, 2007

Jay and ABC Hit the Road


Jay said...

Whoa, hot guy-bikers! I like that guy with a REAL bike! Chuckling!

IamMine said...

Looks like you two had a blast!!!

But ABC...shame on you for not letting your wife have some fun!

Oh wait... she had a *break* from you.

Bwahahahahaha!! Just kidding...right, Jill? :D Oh, she was the one who was taping you two…

You two do look like true HD guys!!!

One thing's missing... beer bong?? ;) I see HD bikers drinking beer heavily, or am I stereotyping y’all? *gets prepared to be bashed*

The weather looked excellent for a ride and the views were awesome, thanks for sharing!! :D

By the way, I laughed at John’s “music” boom-booms…. He started on his chest first.

Still scarred from the hearing aid bras, eh…. Poor Johnny. :D

David A. Martin said...


W.F.T. said...

I really enjoyed seeing y'all out on the road and ribbing each other! I feel like I got to see a side of you guys I hadn't seen before!

Thank you for the big smile y'all brought upon my face. It looks so tranquil out there in Indiana. I would have loved driving out there in my old convertible (God rest her "soul").


drmzz said...

Cool Deaf Road Hogs! Looks like a nice ride.

laro said...

Wow! That is so cool to see you guys together, even I watch each of your vlog.
Hey, JohnABC, I caught you said 'the three of us'. Who was the third person to join you by the background that taped on you two. Ummmm..

Anonymous said...

No Shit!

Susan said...

the videoegg vlog doesn't work? no moving actions, just one photo of you and Jay by your motorbikes...

JFLMad said...

Hey ABC...trade your kawaski and get Harley so you can fire back the muffler noise at Jay!

grantlairdjr said...

Very cool vlog!!!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha you two are funny!!! way to go!!! I agree with David, tsk tsk at Jay for going over the double line.. I guess he doesn't have patience lol..

I'm still waiting for the answer from Jay where he got that shirt on his previous vlog lol.. or else I'll try to sneak down to steal it from you... not too far from the border.. lol..

Thanks for the fun you two... Missing riding a harley myself.. sigh... one day I will, never too late even maybe get one myself if only if a man like David to provide me with a bike first (like his wife) then get one for himself!!

Feeling freeeee!!!

S. (Ontario,Canada)

Susan said...

I clicked on "play" a couple of times, and the vlog worked...

looks like you both had a great time! :)

I noticed something different and wondered what it was... no helmets! In Aus all bikers must wear helmets, including cyclists... I guess no need to in Indiana? Must feel good to have wind in your hair!

Anonymous said...

I love motorcycles but *shaking my head sadly*..... Wear helmet please.

One fall can send you in hospital for days with head injury, or even permanent head injury.

I did not mean to "deflate your joyful moment" but that is fact of life.

Nice day for bike outing though. smile

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ride! I am really chickened out!

Looks like you both were having fun.

Please gimme the cigar from Cuba.

White Ghost

Deaf Niches said...

Ha, ha... enjoyed watching the vlog. David Martin, Indiana is pretty flexible with helmet laws, something new for me... NYS has strict helmet laws.

HD gangs smoke cigars? I was under the impression that they wore black leather clothes, swinging beer bottles/cans, sneering at nonHD people, huh? ;-P

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the ride. I am really chickened out......never ride the motorcycle all of my life. Oh well....

Gimme the cigar from Cuba.

Jay got himself a raccoon....(sunburn) What about you?

White Ghost

Roy Collins said...

WEAR the HELMET!!! You don't need to lost another sense as you already don't have "hear" if accident that cause you brain injury which leads to be vegetative or minimally conscious state. Hope you would volunteer to be a candidate for to be on the poster of 1)Brain Injury Association of America (www.biausa.org), 2)National Association of State Head Injury Administrators (www.nashia.org), 3)National Brain Injury Research Treatment and Training Foundation (www.nbirtt.org) or 4)North American Brain Injury Society (www.nabis.org), IF the accident happens to you without helmet.

Come on!
!!!!! Wear Harley Davidson “bowl” helmet !!!!! It looks more cool and intelligent than non-helmet wear idiot!

I hope your pretty wife doesn't leave you if you become vegetative or minimally conscious state like baby she has to feed, wipe ass and stuck with for life. Think about it, PLEASE! I BEG YOU to wear a helmet. THANKS!

Every 23 seconds, one person in the US sustains a Traumatic Brain Injury.
An estimated 5.3 Million Americans currently live with disabilities resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury.
1.4 Million Americans sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury each year.
More than 50,000 people die every year as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury.

I am biker like you for over 30 years.

Jana Bielfeldt said...

You guys reminds me of my dad. He is a biker all of his life! Motorcycle, boating, full of life with cigars. You guys share that you guys have LIFE! Thanks for sharing.

Aidan Mack said...

To our precious Vloggers-- John and Jay,

As a Biker, I must say you are being friggin stupid not wearing helmet. I have a friend who died from motorcycle accident, just because he thought he wasn't cool enough if he wore the helmet. Please use helmet. Once you hit on your head, your dead or will not ever be the same person. We need you. Please think safety and protect your lovely brains. I don't give a darn about the law. I wear helmet 24/7. I ride as crazy but I make sure my head is being protected as much as possible.


Anonymous said...


Agreed with few people about wearing helmet!!


Jessica said...

Ever go to Spurgis, South Dakota? Every summer they have a HD event there.

Last summer my kids and I traveled to Rapid City for camping and sightseeing and got to see a lot of them around. Even got to meet a few of them.

ASLumabas said...

ABC + Jay,

Nice vlog you got about riding around, break the law, wearing leather and special cigars. Do me a favor, work hard and earn money to save so that you can trade your bike for new chopper (forget HD) so that make Paul Teutul proud! But anyways keep it up. Ohh about helmet, I must say I agree with other bout wear it. Do you need one. I have one for you. Wait... my mistake, it's for snowboard (sorry).


ASLumabas said...

Ohh forget to add. While you two riding past cyclists, I notice Lance Armstrong tried to call on ya but he didn't realize that you two are Deaf! If you happening to see him again, ask him to give you his helmet.


michele said...

Perhaps you can ask deafread/hawk relay to donate two helmets to you with their logos on it. ;-)

LaRonda said...

Fun video. Free spirits! Lose the cigars. Blah!

~ LaRonda

Aaron said...

Ha ha wow watching the video with you riding on bike.. made my hands sweat.. eeeeeeek :D

Please use a helmet. There are tons of KICK-A$$ helmets out there! Invest some money for bad helmet ;)

Enjoyed the video... :)

Anonymous said...

Helmet issue.. I sure agree with them but.. if they choose not to wear the helmet, it's their freedom choice. I ride, I wear helmet but I choose not to wear one sometime. It's my freedom choice. I'm sure they would wear helmet when they feel it's necessary.

Jay's backseat still available? No one above tried to claim it so..

~Biker Babe