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Monday, June 4, 2007

ABC - Why??


Oscar the Observer said...



Jacki said...

ABC fits you well *Ü*

B.A.D. said...


tayler said...

Always Be Civil!
Always Be Courteous!

Thanks for sharing :)

C said...

Many former ISD (IL) used it too. Like they say, stuff spreads like wild fire in deaf world. I never asked this one person where he got it from, now I know.

michele said...

How about if we call you Mr. and Mrs. ABC and ABC Jr, ABC I, ABC II, and so forth... LOL!

Just joking! Thanks for the explanation, its a cool one!

Anonymous said...

Lately I have been using "ABC" to my 8 year old son. He often get upset over little things. I would sign "ABC" and he would know to be cool instead of getting upset. Thanks to you where I got the idea from. smile

Judge said...

Here is my response.

Click Here

Barb DiGi said...

This acronym suits you just fine! Hey can you Always Be Consistent with vlogging? LOL..hope to see you more sharing your fun stuff!!

grantlairdjr said...

Gotcha! Thanks for sharing with us!

In the past, I thought you were ex-ABC card guy. Hehe...

Anonymous said...

hello John

ha! ha!

you mean learn how to use A..B..C block kids


Anonymous said...

That was really very smart of you and your brothers to use many secret codes! Evilly Grins! Hehehehe.....;-)

White Ghost

ccm14er said...

John ABC,

AWESOME ... wow its about the time, you wanna to learn A, B, C, like little boy. Yeah we ALWAYS want to learn something !!!!!

Learn Forever = A, B, C.

Like you say ABC, we want to remain our BIG BOYS !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with viewers that I shared with you recently. ABC is the best solution for everything that can give the people the sense of security and peace. It shows how a good person you are and you are able to relate with people by using ABC often as you can.

Your excellent reinforcements by using ABC ecourage people to feel relax and comfortable. It makes me be aware that I need to say cool at all times no matter what happens.

Smile, Debbie

drmzz said...

Cute story. Anyway, I may remmy you said ABC in college. My screenname drmzz is from college times too. :)

Joey Baer said...


When I was a senior at Maryland SD, we had to put down our favorite quote in our yearbook. I looked at mine (1985) and whoa, see what it said:

But still....COOL!

Now sign it in ASL! But still.. cool!


jwomick said...

ur ABC as said always be cool..... but mine will said ummm........ ALWAYS BE CRAZY!!!!!!!! :D hahahahaha jk or can be ALWAYS BE CLOWN! ummmmm or always be comedian?!
it's fit ur comedian! lol jk


Joshua "Vampbat" Womick

Anonymous said...


Smile, that's a good one. Always enjoy your vlogs. Looking forward to more. :o)

Take care, and ABC,
Erick :o)

deafk said...

Ah, so that is how it comes from!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!



Teri said...

Cool anecdote, ABC!

For you, always be cool!

For me, always be careful! (especially with the matchbook) Ha!

I guess it's about being a female?!? :o

By the way, always bring cash!

edgewilderness said...


You look like PRO at it! It looks like fun! Why not you play with us, too and make us guess what you're saying, LOL. Cool, no wonder why ABC~ :-)

Anonymous said...

John,What a neat story, one thing I was wondering, were your brothers deaf or hearing ???
I think its a great memory to have of your two brothers, hope you guys are still hanging out .
Tot Ziens

An American in the Netherlands

John Lestina --- said...

to anonymous on June 5, 2007 3:55 PM: My 2 brothers are hearing, smile!

Bobby said...

I am very interested in your comments and please keep it up. Excuse me, I just wonder if you tried to sell ABC card outside of Wal-Mart, huh? Just Kidding! I always make fun of people getting money from ABC cards. I notice that you always sign "Champ" That's my favorite. I always love to sign "Champ" too. I am very strong in ASL.

Anonymous said...

Hello ABC

I am gonna labeling you as ABC from now on and it is a cool name. ABC is one of the powerful tools that help giving people the sense of security and peace. Keep it up.. Do not let it fade away.

It would be good idea to put ABC on your tombstone, license plate and etcc..What if you RV or car are stolen and everyone will know who belong to you. You are safe to have them back because of your name. ABC saves you from everything.... What do you think?

Smile, Debbie

Narbor said...

That's COOL ! Did you know abt ABCD? I learned from deaf club when I moved here.


Always Be Careful Driving ! Is that cool? Ü

Anonymous said...

No wonder! A symbol of ABC is a DANDY!!